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Larbi Bouguerra

  • Larbi Bouguerra, born in Tunisia, Doctor of Physical Sciences, University of Paris (Sorbonne). Before completing his doctorate, he studied Geography in Tunisia and Psychopedagogy at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He had a career as Teacher-Researcher on the both sides of the Mediterranean. He was an Assistant at the University of Medicine, Paris and Director of Associated Research at the CNRS, Paris. He also directed the Institute of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Fine Arts in Tunisia, and then the National Institute of Scientific and Technical Research, also in Tunisia.

  • He has published numerous written works regarding the environment - often with a specific focus on water - and the repercussions of Science in the countries of the South. His book “Les batailles de l’eau” (“The Battles of Water”) has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and English.

  • He directs the Water Program of the Alliance for a Responsible, United and Moderated World, as such, an international network centered on the governance of water, a Common Good of Humanity.

  • Contributor at the Monde Diplomatique, the Recherche, various newspapers… He is also a Consultant for the WHO and UNESCO.

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  • Témoignages de Paix / Testimonios de paz / As Said by Artisans of Peace

    Entretiens réalisés auprès d’Artisans de Paix, tous acteurs et protagonistes par leur engagement quotidien, de la construction d’un Art de la paix / Entrevistas realizadas con Artesanos de Paz, cada uno actor y protagonista en su compromiso cotidiano, de la construcción de un Arte de la paz / Interviews conducted with Artisans of Peace, all actors, through their daily commitment, of the construction of an Art of Peace.

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