a website of resources for peace is a documentary website whose purpose is to promote an exchange of knowledge and know-how at the service of the construction of an Art of peace.
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Modus Operandi


In 2010, Irénées and Modus Operandi have initiated the development of a diverse set of analytical tools that have proved useful in understanding conflict as a step towards undertaking action.

Ten organizations worldwide, each with an impressive record in conflict transformation have been asked to reflect on their practices and to develop one analytical tool that is at the heart of their work. For certain organizations this has been an opportunity to schematically represent their approach, allowing them to document and share it with other actors in the field of peace-building and conflict transformation.

The development of analytical tools corresponds to the following objectives:

  • Better understand conflict dynamics.
  • Deepen the knowledge and know-how about « how to transform conflict? »
  • Conceive an action within a conflict situation having a positive impact on the dynamics at play.
  • Making different field experiences publicly available for those interested in peace-building.

These tools are free of use for any person or organization that works with conflict. We would like to ask in return to be informed about their application to other conflict contexts.

For an overview of all this tools, we provide a transversal analysis.

Tools for Conflict Analysis