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Richard Pétris

A graduate of the Institute of Political Sciences of Grenoble ; Founder and Director of the « Ecole de la Paix » in this same city.

International experience obtained via long stays in Asia and a general practice of international solidarity, in Latin America in particular, for 15 years.

Convinced of the fundamental importance of dialogue and exchange of experience in the processes of peace. Particularly invested in the promotion of exchange between civil society and military personnel, in order to install conditions of sustainable peace.

Has published :

  • « Les Cambodgiens face à eux mêmes ? » (Cambodians Face Themselves?), in 1993 ;

  • « La conversion des industries d’armement » (The Conversion of the Arms Industry) in 1993 ;

  • « Gouvernance et sécurité » (Governance and Security) in 2002 ;

  • Various articles in Le Monde, La Croix, El Colombiano.

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