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Modus Operandi


Conflict Sensitive Integrated Program Framework

The model can be used in several ways but serves it’s most useful purpose as a framework for reflecting and analysing the conceptual thinking behind a programming intervention. In this sense it provides an additional analytical component to planning and monitoring that turns the lens away from the context and onto the programme and the implementing organisation.

At the same time it outlines the various components that require attention in thinking about what constitutes and effective intervention in a context deeply affected by various forms of conflict. In so doing the framework assists practitioners and policy makers to think more deeply, and in a more integrated way, about the intended outcomes of their engagement.

Used as a discussion starter and as a reflective or inwardly focused tool of analysis the framework enables groups to focus on several areas:

Conflict analysis:

  • Has it been done?
  • What areas has it focused on?
  • Has it included an analysis of the causes and consequences of any violence?
  • Has it included an analysis of the underlying latent conflicts and the existing connectors and dividers in the social fabric?

Values and Principles:

  • Are the values and principles of the implementing team clearly articulated, commonly understood and discussed in relation to each aspect of the programme?


  • Is there a shared vision of the future, or at least ongoing dialogue about the different visions?
  • Does this vision guide the process and approach to programming and implementation?

Linking time frames:

  • Are short-term actions guided and informed by their contribution to longer-term goals and objectives?

Linking forms of action:

  • Do short-term responses contain elements in form and approach that assist in alleviating the consequences of conflict and violence?
  • Is the programme consciously engaging with and addressing the causes of the conflict?
  • Does the programme explore ways in which activities can assist in building the social fabric of the society and in contributing to a longer-term conflict transformation agenda?

Collaboration and Coordination:

  • Is the implementing group aware of and in contact with other organisations in the context doing similar work, with whom it could be working more closely to establish how each of the different interventions fit together and complement each other?