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Michel Doucin

Economist and Political Scientist, Michel Doucin has, for many years, been one of the specialists of diplomatic non-governmental actors within in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France).

In this role, he has been :

  • Director of the launch of the « Rocard Volunteers » program in 1989.

  • Head of the liaison mission with the NGOs, in 1996.

  • Named Secretary General of the High Counsel of International Cooperation in 1999.

Since 2001, he is Ambassador for Human Rights.

Teaching for many years in various Political Studies institutes, Michel Doucin is also the author of « Guide de la liberté associative dans le monde » (Guide of Associative Liberty in the World), published in 2000, at the Documentation française, and one of the authors of « Les diplomates, négocier dans un monde chaotique » (The Diplomats: To negotiate in a chaotic world), published by Autrement in 2001, under the direction of Samy Cohen. He achieved, in 2004, a doctoral thesis in Political Science.

Former Ambassador of France for Human Rights Michel Doucin was appointed, on September 15th 2008, Ambassador in charge of bioethics and social responsibility of companies

About the SRC (RSE), you will find some of his contributions on the website:

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  • Témoignages de Paix / Testimonios de paz / As Said by Artisans of Peace

    Entretiens réalisés auprès d’Artisans de Paix, tous acteurs et protagonistes par leur engagement quotidien, de la construction d’un Art de la paix / Entrevistas realizadas con Artesanos de Paz, cada uno actor y protagonista en su compromiso cotidiano, de la construcción de un Arte de la paz / Interviews conducted with Artisans of Peace, all actors, through their daily commitment, of the construction of an Art of Peace.

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