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Jean-Marie Muller

Jean-Marie Muller was born October 21, 1939 in Vesoul (in the Haute-Saône region of France). Philosophy professor until 1970, he left teaching in order to dedicate himself fulltime to research work on non-violence, as well as to establish sources of information on training and action in the area of non-violence. Since 1974, he has secured this task in close relation with The Movement for a Non-Violent Alternative (MAN) of which he is a founding member and one of its leaders.

Jean-Marie Muller’s written works and publications :


    • Stratégie de l’action non-violente (Strategy of non-violent action), Le Seuil, Col. Points Politique, 1981, 256 p. (translated into Italian, Spanish, Polish, Croat, and Arabic).

    • Simone Weil, l’exigence de non-violence (Simone Weil, the Demand for Non-violence), Desclée de Brouwer, 1995, 218 p. Anne de Jaeger Prize (translated into Italian).

    • Le principe de non-violence, Parcours philosophique (The Principle of Non-violence: A philosophical journey). Published in 1999, in paperback, by Marabout under the title of Le principe de non-violence, Une philosophie de la paix.

    • Gandhi, L’épopée de la marche du sel (Gandhi, The Epic of Salt March), Albin Michel, 1997, 290 p.

    • Les moines de Tibhirine, « témoins » de la non-violence (The Monks of Tibhirine, « Witnesses » of Non-violence), Éditions Témoignage Chrétien, 1999, 110 p.

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Has participated in the following dossier:

  • L’intervention Civile de Paix

    L’intervention civile est une intervention non armée, sur le terrain d’un conflit local. Elle consiste à mettre en œuvre des missions mandatées par une organisation intergouvernementale (OSCE, ONU), gouvernementale, ou non gouvernementale (ONG).

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