un sitio web de recursos para la paz es un sitio de recursos para la paz elaborado para promover el intercambio de conocimientos y experiencias para la construcción de un arte de la paz.
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, Grenoble, abril 2014 is a online magazine created in 2003, Orientated on peace journalism. (peacenews) is an online magazine created in 2003 in Vienna (Austria). It is focusing on peace journalism. This publication is non-profit because according to its authors, peace and peace journalism are of general interest and profit-maximising media or so called public media follow mainly other interests. The magazine is non-commercial and independent from political parties or religions. It is part of the new social movements which promote peace by peaceful means. Some of our stories are written in english:

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German, English, French

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Its goal is to achieve Peace by peaceful means. Its works targets to emancipate, and aim to contribuate to its collaborators and lectors’s peacebulding capacities.

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Peace journalism.

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Vienna, Austria, neighbor states of Austria, german speaking regions, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Peaceful Poles.

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Peace by peaceful means.

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Peace, peace movement, Peace Research, Peace journalism, culture of Peace, Organizing Peace, Peace Education, Peace City, peace building, violence prevention, non-peace, global, globalization, intercultural, jobs for peaceworkers, conflicts, war, human rights, Middle East, International Law, Conflict Regions, Religions, Reviews, Social, USA, Vienna, Economy, peaceful wit and humor, Austria,