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Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Renaud François held major positions in the General Staff or in high-level units (among others, at the African Unit of the Center for Planning and Command of the General Staff of the Armed Forces in Paris, at the Intelligence Office of the Inter-army Services General Staff for Operational Planning in Creil, and as Information Systems and Communications Officer of the General Staff of EUROFOR in Florence, Italy).

He also held positions of responsibility for the United Nations (UNTSO mission in the Near East—Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Syria—and ONUVEH in Haiti), at the OSCE in Vienna (Conflict Prevention Centre, with special charge of the High Karabakh conflict), and for the European Union in Brussels (setting up military crisis-management centers within the framework of the European security and defense policy). Lieutenant Colonel François has a Humanities and Liberal Arts Masters in Humanitarian Aid and Solidarity from the University of Lyons 2.

He is currently associate researcher for the European Strategic Intelligence & Security Center (ESISC) in Brussels.