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Nicola Melloni

Nicola Melloni, Italian, has actively worked for the NGO “International Alert” as Researcher of the role of economic activities as a factor of peace and stabilization in the Caucasus zone.

He also works in collaboration with the Carta Review where he covers social, economic and conflict issues of the United Kingdom and the former Soviet Union.

Nicola Melloni obtained a Masters in Political Sciences from the University of Bologna with a thesis on the “Financial Crisis of 1998 in Russia”.

He obtained a Masters in International Relations in June 2001.

In 2002 he worked, as an Economics Professor for small and medium-sized companies, in Uzbekistan for a project of development and education called “Tempus-Tacis,” in the framework for a tripartite cooperation with UE-University of Bologna and the University of Tashkent.

From September 2002 to June 2004, Nicola Melloni studied at the Oxford University where he obtained a Mphil diploma in Russian and Eastern European Studies, with Honors.

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