Seven Steps towards Reconciliation

Members of opposing groups in conflict should practise this exercise with the guidance of trained and experienced facilitators. Before implementing this exercise, it is vital for the facilitators to conduct trust-building exercises and establish clear channels of communication within the group in order to create a positive group dynamic and a safe, neutral environment. Also, in an effort to create a positive group dynamic, the facilitators should guide the group in a discussion of individual participant expectations, create ground rules and train the individuals on how to use non-violent communication skills throughout the exercise. This tool should be implemented towards the end of a multi-day workshop after participants have had the opportunity to successfully complete a number of activities together and build relationships with each other. During a multi-day workshop, all individuals should have the opportunity to share traumatic experiences and their fears and concerns with one another, thus allowing individuals to begin to re-humanize members of opposing groups.

Below is a step-by-step guide detailing how experienced facilitators can implement this exercise. Please note that this tool can be adapted to address the specific needs of any group.