a website of resources for peace is a documentary website whose purpose is to promote an exchange of knowledge and know-how at the service of the construction of an Art of peace.
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Modus Operandi



Since 2002, the Irenees databse builds on the experience and know-how of peace-builders around the world and makes these publicly available in order to provide actors in conflict situations with practical information and analytical tools that might contribute to their own strategies for building peace.

This database seeks to deepen the understanding of peace and to propose modes of action that are adapted to the needs and realities of practitioners. The idea at the foundation of Irenees is that theoretical knowledge in itself is not enough to build peace. The information that is most useful for taking action is rooted itself in action, hence the need for the constant articulation between theory and experience.

A rich network of researchers and practitioners feeds the database. They reflect a wide diversity in terms of thematic and geographic areas, disciplines and cultures. They make available their knowledge for a wider public in order to share, exchange and confront their ideas and to collaboratively elaborate an Art of Peace.

As a tool for collective intelligence, is at the service of the development of a shared intellectual, methodological and social capital. Over 200 authors, from all continents, have contributed to the database leading to over a hundred peace files, about 2 000 notes in three languages (French, English and Spanish). The site is visited by 40.000 people per month.

The objectives of :
  • To deepen the understanding of peace as a process
  • Making available information that is useful for peace practitioners
  • Providing tools and specific methods for building peace.
  • Promote links between actors in the domain of conflict transformation and peace-building.